Experienced Energy Industry Advisors Delivering Results

TPM Solutions’ advisors focus on solving problems fast. Our team includes experts with 25+ years’ experience walking in your shoes, with direct exposure to every issue faced by clients in the Energy, Process and Manufacturing industries. Plus, our unique delivery model brings just the right professionals to you at the right time – working discreetly and effectively with you and your team. TPM Solutions helps clients achieve uncommon results – fast.

Furthermore, we provide high value configured solutions to help drive margin improvement and productivity, while enhancing safety. Examples include:

Plant-wide optimization solution including zero/low capital margin capture process coupled with an online, advisory, plant-wide Prize BML™ (Priority Optimizer - Beyond Machine Learning) optimizer that presents optimum targets for key monitoring points based on current feedstock properties, latest market prices and plant constraints.

Connected Worker solutions for field and factory technicians (operations, inspection, maintenance, etc.) that enables full remote, hands free support including remote mentor/assistance, digital workflow, live stream data, document management/transfer based on the Realwear technology platform.

Realwear helmet

Digital integration and business processes as a service – integrate existing systems such as ERP, Historians, LIMS, CMMS and deploy integrated, digital business/work processes across your organization with a single state of the art digital platform that includes a proven workflow system, digital registers, state of the art dashboarding, visualization and reporting and advanced analytics based applications for risk management and exception notification and expert advice to allow real-time visualization of your business from any location, on any device and the opportunity to intervene before small excursions become major issues. Less downtime, higher productivity and enhanced business velocity are realized as a result.

TPM Solutions' Clients