What We Do

BPaaS Solutions

Plant-Wide Optimization
There is a significant gap between actual and optimal performance of the process lacrosse the entire plant. The financial impact can result in $5 MM to $20MM per year margin of forfeiture for a medium sized refining/petrochemical complex. TPM Solutions has created a comprehensive program and application (prize) to enhance and sustain optimal complex-wide operation that is supported by our experts. TPM has implemented over 25 plants globally and delivered on challenges ranging from data quality, changing constraints, pricing while keeping a focus on sustaining this solution in the long run.

TPM Expert: Joe De Souza

FCC Catalyst Management
TPM Solutions provides an FCC Catalyst Management service on a subscription basis that performs a comprehensive unit operation review of daily data for the last two years. TPM analyzes the data received to interpret the strengths and weaknesses of all the vendors’ technologies. TPM utilizes experience from vendors to anticipate what their offer will be prior to their proposals, then generates a ground-up new version of the ITB for release to the vendors. This document sets the tone and direction for the vendors that increases quality and vendor accountability and will be negotiated as part of the tender.

TPM Experts: CJ Farley & Darren Verrenkamp

FCC Plus
TPM has recently developed the world’s most advanced FCC Reactor model, FCC Plus

FCC models are a fantastic tool for refineries but are only infrequently used. This is because FCC models to date have relied upon fitting their predictions to a full unit test run, which are infrequently performed in many refineries today. Predictions by the models based upon test run data rapidly becomes out of date to actual unit operation. TPM’s model can read, calculate, and validate live plant data to produce daily averages. It then has the capability to reconcile this data to produce a model that balances on mass, hydrogen, and energy daily. In addition, the FCC Plus model is the only model that has specific hardware-related equations as well as the world’s largest catalyst library effects on yields.

This step-change increase in individual model runs produced on many unique sets of plant data allows the model to produce much more meaningful trends on hardware, catalyst and feed operation and changes. These trends identify problems and opportunities much earlier than any previous tradition analysis or troubleshooting method. The increased hardware and catalyst tuning for each site also allows TPM’s experts to ascertain the core cause of the deviation much faster than with other models are methods of investigations.

TPM is the only company that offers a subscription service to the refiner whereby TPM’s experts run FCC Plus daily and analyze the data to identify optimization opportunities, early problem identification, LP and planning tool updates or studies at the refinery’s request. TPM’s experts will also continuously tune the model and monitor the unit to identify optimization opportunities, early problem identification or studies at the refinery’s request.

TPM Expert: CJ Farley

Process Unit Monitoring
TPM Solutions provides performance monitoring services on a subscription basis that utilizes remote monitoring, process modelling and our subject expertise for monitor plant performance and provide high value feedback and advice to plant operations on measures to;
improve reliability
avoid unplanned shutdowns and slowdowns
reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
reduce catalyst costs
improve yields of high value products
On a daily basis our experts review performance data, review or conduct model runs and provide daily, weekly and monthly alerts and reports to help plant/facility operators improve margins.

TPM Expert: John Antanies

Digital Twin
A digital twin is a virtual representation of a system that spans its lifecycle, is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making.

In some form, Digital Twins have been around since the early 1990’s, but modern, low-cost sensor technology along with sophisticated algorithms and abundant computer power have made them exponentially more powerful and reliable.

The TPM Solutions Digital Twin is the foundation of a plant’s Digital Transformation that connects Information, Engineering, and Operational Technology to integrate and better utilize the operational data of projects, assets, and processes for optimal plant performance. It provides a digital representation of the plant’s current operation and recommendations for predictive analysis, visualization & virtualization, simulation, and optimization.

TPM Expert: Jack Davis

Connected Worker
TPM Solutions provides hands-free, wearable smart headsets that allow field and factory floor technicians to improve their productivity and safety. By having remote expert support, job instructions and documentation and situational awareness via machine vision available on an as needed, where needed and when needed basis maintenance technicians, inspectors and field operators can do their jobs more effectively, with more “tool time” and less time wasted trying to locate data and information.

TPM provides a package of hardware, software applications and integration services on a subscription basis (as part of Performance Monitoring) or on an outright sale, lease or rental basis.

TPM Expert: David Turner